Land surveyors must have a good knowledge of the territory concerned and the regulations in place. This will allow them to complete their work, and if you are in the process of choosing a land surveyor, you must look for the following qualities:


A land surveyor must possess excellent problem-solving skills, be strong in mathematics and possess computer science and cartography skills. Additionally, they need to know the law because their work requires them to work with both municipal and provincial legislation. 

Professional land surveyors must perform various tasks in a wide range of areas, and in addition to these skills, they need to know how to use precision tools like survey instruments, peripheral equipment, photogrammetry devices and various software. It is the combination of these skills and their knowledge that allows them to perform different jobs like spatial planning, boundary marking, geodesy, mapping and land registration systems, just to name a few of their undertakings. 

Land surveyors help demarcate property lines, prepare certificates of location, create a divided co-ownership, and so much more, and this is why they need to be versatile. A high degree of adaptability is also required, as the practice of surveying is always being updated as new technology is introduced.


A professional  land surveyor must be objective at all times and must be honest. They serve the public and the cadastre, and must have a great sense of ethics. All of their work must be based on verifiable and measurable facts, and personal interests cannot be part of the equation. Impartiality will allow them to intervene in different types of situations, including disputes between neighbours regarding property lines. This is a common occurrence, and a land surveyor must be able to act as an impartial expert in conflict situations. 

Honesty will also lead to precision, and a land surveyor must be rigorous in their research to obtain accurate information. They are measurement experts, after all, and must be meticulous. 

Finally, honesty also means you will receive a clear quote or estimate which details the tasks that need to be performed, and the costs associated with each task. 

Strong Communication Skills

Reputable land surveyors must be good communicators orally and in writing because they need to collaborate with other expert consultants from different backgrounds and to help projects progress through planning and development phases. Good communication skills will also allow them to coordinate the different actions that must be taken, and they will be able to answer all of your questions. 

A Land Surveyor is often needed to help explain to clients the process and steps that may be required to perform specific surveys, and to provide clarity when needed.


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