Drone technology is taking topographic surveying to a whole new level by capturing detailed site maps at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods depending on the size of the site. For this reason, drones are becoming a very important component in a surveyor’s toolkit and if you are in this industry, this is a tool you need to purchase.

There are a number of benefits to drones when they are used for topographic surveying, and the following are just a few:

They Are Legal And Affordable

Many people assume drones are expensive but the reality is that they are actually quite affordable, so more surveyors can have access to this tool. Additionally, government regulators are making it easy to get certified, so the process is not as complicated as one might assume and it is possible for surveyors to fly a drone for commercial use. The use of a drone will also save you a ton of time because surveys can be completed in under an hour and this can be your new norm going forward. Your projects will be more efficient and more productive and drone data is already being used in several land development projects. The use of drones can help with every stage of a project including the planning and designing phase of land subdivisions and preconstruction assessments.

They Will Provide You With A Return On Your Investment

Conventional total station and GPS surveying requires a lot of time to cover even the smallest of sites. Additionally, you also have to factor in the time it takes to process the data afterwards to create the final line work and surfaces. When you add these all up, you are spending a lot of time producing results and when this is added to conventional surveying costs, you will realize that traditional methods are no longer productive. These older methods make it more difficult to cover large sites on a regular basis but drones will make the process a lot easier. Site personnel can make accurate estimations and track progress and can make decisions that are based on detailed data. Ultimately, this will help both large and small projects save money with major construction projects seeing the largest impact in cost savings.They Will Provide You With Better Insights

Drone surveys include an orthophoto, contour map, digital terrain model and dense point cloud. This is very different from traditional topographic survey data, which is a set of line work and you will have results that are highly accurate and visual, so your data will be ready for analysis.

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