Strata Plans

Provide the preparation of an electronically certified plan of a strata title property showing the boundaries of lots and unit entitlements.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys show the physical features and elevations within a site and are used by architects, engineers and planners for their design purposes. Required for: new home construction, house renovations and additions.


  • Excavation Layouts
  • Layouts (Gridlines)
  • Foundation and Form Surveys

Posting Plans

This includes the determination of, and posting the property corners using legal survey evidence. This plan is registered at the Land Title Office. Required for: new home construction in some municipalities, building new fences and retaining walls along property lines, landscaping, solving boundary disputes, etc.

Mortgage Certificates

Building location certificates may be required by lawyers/notaries and financial institutions during the process of purchasing a home. A building location certificate is a plan prepared showing all existing structures on site as well as their setbacks to the property lines.


Building construction, especially deep excavations, can sometimes cause adjacent buildings and roads to shift as the excavation proceeds. During construction, monitoring surveys are required to measure any movement, or lack of movement, to the millimetre. These values are then used by Geotechnical Engineers to evaluate the stability of the excavation and ensure the safety of those working in the excavation.

Subdivision Plan

Divides a property into two or more new lots and sets out the boundaries. The plan shows the surveyed boundaries, numbering and dimensions of lots, the location, width and names of streets. A preliminary plan is initially prepared for the municipality approval. Final subdivisions are electronically registered at the Land Title Office by the client’s lawyer or notary.

Lease Surveys

Prepared to agree with the legal lease agreement between the lessor and lessee.

Other Services

Other services include easements, right of ways and restrictive covenant plans as required with many developments.