Small-scale multi-unit housing has become an essential topic in BC. We all know that BC, like the rest of Canada, is facing a housing affordability crisis, with insufficient homes for our growing population. In 2023, our BC housing minister announced new legislation for municipalities to make building multi-unit homes like triplexes or small-scale townhomes easier. Local governments have until June 30th, 2024, to update their zoning bylaws to comply with the new legislation.  

Strata plan surveys are necessary when developing a property that supports multiple titles, where separate owners own different portions of a shared building. Depending on the number of units your project consists of, a preliminary strata plan may be needed to accompany a disclosure statement. The plan will show each unit’s boundaries and the property’s shared areas.

The Importance of Strata Plans

Developing these multi-unit buildings, however, requires professional land surveying expertise. Creating accurate strata plans is essential whether it’s a duplex, triplex or small townhome development. The land surveyor must precisely map out each unit, common areas, and any shared aspects of the property. The survey will define legally binding property lines and delineate shared spaces like driveways, patios or recreation areas to avoid disputes between future owners.

Services from Target Land Surveying

Ensuring the accuracy of strata plans from the outset is a critical step for developers embarking on small multi-unit housing projects. This is where the expertise of Target Land Surveying becomes invaluable. Our professional surveying services mitigate project risks and streamline the development process. Operating from offices in Coquitlam and Langley, our team is well-prepared to provide these essential strata surveys and mapping services, making your development journey smoother and more efficient.

Target Land Surveying offers comprehensive services for small multi-unit housing developments. Our professional land surveyors can assist you with strata survey plans, initial topographic surveys for design, construction layout throughout the building phase, and final strata plans. If you need professional land surveying services, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices in Coquitlam and Langley.


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