Most people do not know exactly where their property’s boundaries are, and this is one of the many reasons why you should have your property surveyed. This service will provide you with a drawing that will indicate exactly where your property’s boundaries are and outline dimensions and the location of any buildings or site improvements on that property.

There are many situations that would require a land survey, and the following are the top reasons why you should have your property surveyed:

Building Project

If you want to build something on your land, you will have to make sure it does not violate any boundary issue or zoning bylaw, so do not begin construction without first getting a land survey of your property. Every municipality will have different rules, and some will require the property to have certain setbacks between features and the property line, so you have to be aware of this information.

The Purchase or Sale of Land

It is very standard for mortgage companies to ask for a land survey before authorizing funding. Even if this is not a requirement, it is recommended that you still get one, as an official survey would benefit both the buyer and seller. This document will ensure show where the built structures are on the property and if there are any potential issues of encroachments on the boundaries.

Disputes Regarding Boundaries

It is common for neighbours to have disagreements regarding legal property boundary lines, and a land survey can help in these situations. Whether there is a problem with a dead tree, an issue with a shed or any other problem that a disgruntled neighbour can complain about, a professional land survey can resolve these issues.

Determining Borderline Structures

If you want to erect a fence or wall along your property line, a survey would help you determine where to build it, and this would apply if your neighbour wanted to do this as well. If you decide to share the cost of this structure, this will give both neighbors peace of mind that the fence is being built in the correctly designed location.

New Development

These projects may require the division of larger parcels of land into smaller areas, so a survey would be required to ensure new development projects meet local zoning bylaws for building permits.

Professional surveyors should only complete land surveys because they have the proper training and license to make these determinations. Not anybody can determine property lines, which is why you need the experts at Target Land Surveying to provide you with accurate answers. We can provide you with a legal document containing boundary lines and other property features, so contact us today for more information regarding our services!