The use of drones has changed the land surveying industry as this advanced technology helps professionals in this field do their jobs more efficiently. Drones are viewed as useful tools, and this technology is being welcomed into this field because they are revolutionising the land survey industry by making the work easier, safer and far more accurate.

There are a lot of benefits to the use of drones, and the following are some of the ways this tool has changed the land surveying industry:

Accurate Results

Drones make it easier to assess larger land areas, and the details gathered through this tool are extremely accurate. You can get high-resolution maps and 3D digital surface models, and drones can even update or create single object layers and land, which would provide you with highly accurate topographic mapping.


Drones are very efficient, and this is a big advantage as the demand for surveyors has increased. Essentially, this tool will allow survey professionals to do a lot more using a lot less, and data can now be captured and processed up to five times faster compared to human land surveyors. This means working hours will be significantly reduced, and land surveyors are using drones to save time and to produce efficient results. This would allow you to accept more contracts, and you would be able to take on more jobs.


Not all situations and locations are the same, so it can be challenging to survey accurately and safely all the time. The use of drones would eliminate these risks because the process would be safe, and you would be able to survey difficult areas like a hazardous work environment or mountainous terrain, for example. You would be able to send the drone, and gathering information from above instead of ground level would open up the door to more opportunities because you would now be able to access these otherwise dangerous and difficult areas.

Cost Efficiency

While you will have to deal with the initial expense of purchasing the drone, using it for your land surveying projects will be much more cost-effective. This is especially true for construction projects requiring several different surveying aspects. Not only would the processes be faster, but they would be cheaper, so this is something you will definitely appreciate.

Updated Workflows

A drone is a tool that can be used to solve older industry problems and it can also help bridge any gaps that exist. It’s a way to introduce a new and innovative way of working through an effective system that will make your work easier and efficient, safe, and profitable.

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