Not a lot is understood about surveying, despite the fact that it is one of the most important parts of any building process. The surveyor is the crucial link between design and construction and you might need a land surveyor for multiple reasons. Here are a few:

You Are Looking To Renovate And Extend Your Home

While planning a home extension, a surveyor must be engaged from the beginning so that the designer has a point to start their design. For your project, you will need a survey of features, grades and property lines to aid in the design process.

You Need To Build A Fence On Your Property

While building a new fence on your property, the best course of action is to request a boundary survey to make sure your property lines are monumented with official survey posts and that they are in their original undisturbed location. If you recently purchased your home, survey posts can become disturbed through various construction processes.

You Are Looking To Subdivide Your Lands

In the same category as a home extension, the process of subdividing your land starts with the existing conditions topographic survey to show to a designer and the city, as well as the current opportunities and any barriers that exist.

You Have A Boundary Dispute With A Neighbour

If this is the case, a Land Surveyor can assist in re-establishing a boundary as well as locating features in question near the boundary in dispute. This can give you and your neighbour some clarity of what is really happening that can help resolve your dispute.

You Are Looking To Develop Your Land

Through understanding council requirements, zones and overlays, and site and servicing constraints, we are able to produce survey plans to allow for quick assessments of sites from the developmental perspective and let you know about your options when it comes to timing and pricing.

These are only a few of the reasons that you might need to hire a land surveyor for your project. No matter what you need a land surveyor for, give Target Land Surveying a call!