A building location certificate is an official document prepared by a land surveyor and is also referred to as a mortgage or surveyor’s certificate. This document depicts the dimensions of the property and improvements along with registered charges such as easements, rights-of-way or covenants. They can include depictions of  encroachments onto the property and encroachments by improvements on the property onto neighbouring properties.

These certificates are essentially house location plans and are often required by banks to complete financial arrangements with the purchase of a house. A lot of banks will ask for this document when you are buying a house, so if they request a building location certificate, you will have to provide them with a survey plan that shows the lot, any structures and rights-of-way on the lot, along with any encroachments related to the building.

You will have to find a reputable land surveying company who can provide you with this documentation. Experienced land surveyors will conduct thorough research of the existing plans to determine accurate property lines and locate the house relative to those lot lines. This will be done in the most efficient manner possible using state-of-the-art equipment. Most plans are prepared and presented digitally and can be delivered electronically.

Depending on the project, some home renovations may also require a location certificate to show the location of the house on the property to ensure its location meets current building zoning bylaws. For significant renovations that involve altering the building footprint, a more detailed survey called a topographic site plan is typically required.  These types of surveys show more detailed information over the property, in addition to the building location, that can also be useful for planning enhanced landscape features.

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